Table 9.

Percent responses to factors influencing dentistry as a career

Family member or friend who is a dentist31.6%7.7%12.5%17.2%31.0%
My family dentist28.4%9.9%17.6%18.7%25.5%
Awareness of dental market trends26.8%11.9%23.6%23.1%14.7%
Family member or friend who is not a dentist40.6%10.8%16.9%15.7%16.1%
Participate in a dental career development or school admissions program55.2%12.5%15.5%9.8%7.1%
Dental school visit53.1%14.5%16.1%10.9%5.4%
Career day66.9%14.2%10.6%4.5%3.7%
Recruitment by a school65.1%14.7%11.9%5.3%3.3%
H.S. or college counselor69.3%12.6%10.3%4.4%3.4%
Career brochure65.7%16.3%11.1%4.6%2.4%