Table 5.

Odds ratios from logistic regression models

Positive ExperienceIncreased Ability to Provide Care
School level fixed effects have been controlled for by the addition of school dummy variables in the regression; these dummy variables are not shown.
Individual level
    Native American, Black, or Hispanic1.311.14
    Asian or Pacific Islander0.76*0.84
    White, Non-Hispanic--
Service orientation reason for joining dentistry0.981.06*
Dentist parent(s)
Marital status
Total educational debt1.001.00
Socially conscious attitudes
    Quartile 1 (least socially conscious)--
    Quartile 21.41**1.12
    Quartile 31.99**1.97**
    Quartile 4 (most socially conscious)2.11**1.60**
School Level: Structural
Pipeline status of school
    California Pipeline4.21*10.4**
    National Pipeline1.3312.1**
School Level: Process
Weeks spent in extramural rotations
1–2 weeks0.75**0.65**
3–5 weeks1.001.05
6 or more--
Time spent in extramural clinics was...
Perception of time devoted to instruction0.980.98