Table 3.

Descriptive results of students who reported that the extramural rotations were a positive experience vs. neutral/negative

Experience (%)
Neutral/negative (n=1037)Positive (n=1900)
aDenotes the values are means.
Individual level
    Native American, Black, or Hispanic29.7%70.3%
    Asian or Pacific Islander40.8%59.2%
    White, Non-Hispanic34%66%
Service orientation reason for joining dentistry9.9a10a
Dentist parent(s)
Marital status
Total educational debt$131,476a$128,981a
Socially conscious attitudes**
    Quartile 1 (least socially conscious)43%57%
    Quartile 234.7%65.3%
    Quartile 326.3%73.7%
    Quartile 4 (most socially conscious)27.6%72.4%
School Level: Structural
Pipeline status of school
    California Pipeline34.6%65.4%
    National Pipeline31%69%
School Level: Process
Weeks spent in extramural rotations**
    1–2 weeks39.3%60.7%
    3–5 weeks29.8%70.2%
    6 or more36.6%63.4%
Time spent in extramural clinics was..**
Perception of time devoted to instruction*−1a−1.35a