Table 7.

Faculty interview data

What made you decide to revise your course to a service-learning course?
    Wanted a more hands-on experience for the students.
    Apply learning from class.
Course revisions—were they difficult?
    Design was challenging regarding the communication with partner and getting faculty on board. Challenging to define and address the community needs while ensuring that student needs were being met—going back and forth to be a mutually beneficial project.
    Interpreting what was meant so both could be successful—communication with students to help them understand needs and expectations.
What do you like best about this service-learning course?
    Doing the actual hands-on experiences in the community.
    Pulling classroom learning together in a real world setting.
What do you like least or find the most challenging about this service-learning course?
    Some projects were better than others; one group of community partners didn’t follow through.
    Some misunderstanding regarding the population that didn’t speak English even though faculty talked with community partner about the group and students met with the director. No interaction with the group directly in the orientation, and somehow, no one thought to mention the language barrier.
    Coordination: specific and limited dates available to work with community partners; facility could not always accommodate the students’ schedule.
What would you do differently in the future/what did you learn as a faculty member in this service-learning course?
    Have consent forms completed prior to enrolling for fall to facilitate returns and increase participation. Write out expectations for community site (this was done with a blanket, general form from the institution and was not specific enough to address expectations—a bit removed from the projects).
    Have students research the specific site to be better prepared rather than just the special need population characteristics.
    Set up the coordinated activities earlier to accommodate potential changes as needed; orientation visit prior to activities is definitely a good idea.
    Faculty reported that students had some good ideas: suggested an orientation session for parents prior to the session.
Comparison of outcomes between when you did this with and without the service-learning component.
    Students learned more, felt more comfortable.
    Asked good questions and were more engaged in the content even prior to the experience.
    Personally more fulfilling; nice to get out of the building.
    Very time-consuming for both students and faculty but worth it.