Table 2.

Differences in participants’ confidence levels before and after the restorative functions course

Specific AreaZP
Note: Z score from Wilcoxen Signed Rank Test. *p<.05 level; **p<.01 level. Confidence levels based on five-point Likert scale: very confident, somewhat confident, unsure or neutral, somewhat unconfident, very unconfident.
Knowledge of premolar occlusal anatomy−2.972**.003
Knowledge of molar occlusal anatomy−2.972**.003
Knowledge of amalgam composition−2.640**.008
Knowledge of composite material−3.125**.002
Knowledge of cement composition−2.887**.004
Knowledge of glass ionomer composition−3.066**.002
Placement of rubber dam−2.428*.015
Placement of Tofflemire retainer−2.203*.028
Triturating and packing amalgam−2.530*.011
Carving amalgam−2.976**.003
Adjusting occlusion of amalgam restoration−2.913**.004
Placement of composite restoration−2.588*.010
Adjusting occlusion of composite restoration−3.066**.002
Placement of stainless steel crown−2.970**.003
Placement of glass ionomer restoration−2.859**.004
Ability to learn restorative function techniques−2.530*.011
Ability to provide patient treatment to restorative function−2.646**.008
Ability to incorporate restorative functions into private practice−0.378.705