Table 3.

Respondent clinical knowledge enhancement

Respondent Clinical Knowledge EnhancementDisagreeNeither Disagree Nor AgreeAgree
The information received today will be helpful in my practice.4 (4.1 percent)9 (9.2 percent)85 (86.7 percent)
The Case of the Month was suitable to my area of dentistry.4 (4.1 percent)12 (12.2 percent)82 (83.7 percent)
As a result of this Case of the Month, I feel more confident clinically about the topic.7 (7.1 percent)13 (13.3 percent)78 (79.6 percent)
The knowledge gained from this Case of the Month will help improve the efficiency of my practice.15 (15.3 percent)18 (18.4 percent)65 (66.3 percent)
How Knowledgeable the Respondent Was After Reviewing the Case of the Month
Very Knowledgeable/Knowledgeable67 (68.4 percent)
Somewhat Knowledgeable29 (29.6 percent)
Other2 (2.0 percent)