Table 2.

Respondent expectations and attitudes

Respondent Expectations and AttitudesDisagreeNeither Disagree Nor AgreeAgree
Overall, my expectations for the Case of the Month were met.4 (4.1 percent)5 (5.1 percent)89 (90.8 percent)
I would consider recommending this Case of the Month to colleagues.3 (3.1 percent)4 (4.1 percent)91 (92.9 percent)
I was able to navigate through the Case of the Month website with ease.5 (5.1 percent)5 (5.1 percent)88 (89.8 percent)
The Case of the Month website design was appealing.4 (4.1 percent)6 (6.1 percent)88 (89.8 percent)
I prefer the Case of the Month in paper format.83 (84.7 percent)8 (8.2 percent)7 (7.1 percent)
I am comfortable with submitting cases online.12 (12.2 percent)17 (17.3 percent)69 (70.4 percent)