Table 4.

Suggested changes to the Case of the Month

Desired Changes in Case of the MonthDisagreeNeither Disagree Nor AgreeAgree
More in-depth material should be provided.53 (54.1 percent)31 (31.6 percent)14 (14.3 percent)
The case content needs to be more universal.55 (56.1 percent)37 (37.8 percent)6 (6.1 percent)
The cases should cover a much broader scope of the presented topics.56 (57.1 percent)39 (39.8 percent)3 (3.1 percent)
Topics of Interest the Respondent Would Like to See Covered
Unanswered67 (68.4 percent)
Oral path more general/common5 (5.1 percent)
Cancer/radiology4 (4.1 percent)
Other22 (22.4 percent)
What Do You Feel Is the Biggest Disadvantage to This Format?
None37 (37.8 percent)
Blank/unanswered35 (35.7 percent)
Ask questions/Interact with others/Lack of immediate access to questions about a case13 (13.3 percent)
Other13 (13.3 percent)