Table 5.

Odds ratios (OR) for fourth-year dental students having applied to a postgraduate educational program (multivariate logistic regression analysis)

Model I (n=172)Model II (n=172)Model III (n=138)†
Independent VariablesORSignificanceORSignificanceORSignificance
*Defined as “high interest” (score of 4 or 5) in one or more specialty areas.
†n is smaller in Model III because it is based on students who responded in both first- and fourth-year surveys.
Baseline categories: Gender (male); Race (white); Married (unmarried); Have Children (no children); >$100K Debt (<$100K); Mentor (no dental school mentor); Encouragement (1, 2, or 3 on 5-point scale); High Interest (low interest in postgrad education in year 1); MONEY, PEOPLE, BUSINESS, FLEXIBILITY (1 on 5-point scale).
Have Children1.350.6691.670.5302.650.284
≥$100,000 Debt1.880.1842.520.1043.690.043
Had a Dental School Mentor1.550.3991.920.278
Spouse Encouragement1.120.8682.360.242
Family Encouragement1.150.8131.100.887
Friend Encouragement2.390.1741.640.490
Faculty Encouragement4.110.0204.660.023
High Interest in Year 1*0.710.737
MONEY motive3.170.034
PEOPLE motive1.410.536
BUSINESS motive1.230.713
FLEXIBILITY motive0.610.294