Table 2.

Time devoted to cultural competency as a function of dental school and student characteristics

Contextual and Student Characteristics
Contextual VariablesOR95% CI
Note: Generalized ordered logistic regression models were used
+P-value <0.05 did not fulfill the proportional odds assumption (based on the Brant Test) and had two parameter estimates that are discussed in the text.
*p<.05; **p<.01; ***p<.001
Pipeline Status (ref: Non-Pipeline)
    CA Pipeline1.520.83–2.77
    National Pipeline0.920.72–1.19
Total cost for first year1.000.99–1.00
Mean score: school environment promotes acceptance and respect+
Student Variables
Gender male (ref: female)1.41***1.19–1.67
Age 29 years and older (ref: <29)0.960.83–1.12
Race (ref: white)
Married (ref: not married)1.22*1.05–1.42
Parents’ income (ref: >$50,000)
Neither parent has a college degree (ref: at least one parent has a degree)1.080.87–1.36
Educational debt upon graduation (ref: <$70,000)
    Service Orientation Scale+
    Entrepreneurial Scale0.970.87–1.09
    Socially Conscious Scale0.69***0.59–0.80
Wald [P-value]278.72***