Table 4.

Emergent categories and representative themes in the quantitative data sources

Emergent CategoryRepresentative Themes
Recognition of need
  • Standard of care rendered

  • Adequacy of instruments and supplies

  • Importance of the existence of the clinic

  • Empathy with persons in difficult situations

  • Challenging patients and situations

  • Patients not arriving for treatment

  • Lack of oral health education

  • Barriers to care

  • Inability to pay

  • Awareness of need

  • Importance of patient education

Ethics and diversity
  • Children as translators

  • Asepsis

  • Language barriers

  • Use of a translator

  • Priority for dental care

  • Evidence of empathy or professionalism of staff

  • Level of diversity experienced

  • Experiencing ethical dilemmas

  • Tolerance/respect

Public health experiences
  • Interested in public health career

  • Not interested in public health career

  • Observations of differences between public health and private practice

  • Interest in volunteer work

  • Interest in pursuit of career in a rural area

Professional growth/clinical expertise
  • Real-world experiences

  • Application of a technique learned in school

  • New technique learned

  • Observation of something new

  • Presentation experience (positive/negative)

  • Ergonomics

  • Time management issues

  • Involvement in staff meetings

  • Confidence/flexibility

  • Enjoyment

Logistical issues regarding the rotation
  • Length of rotation (longer, shorter)

  • Difficulty adapting to new situation

  • Would like to see more patients

  • Staff politics

  • Site recommendations

  • Driving distance

  • Financial responsibilities related to the rotation

  • Living arrangements

  • Overall experience