Table 1.

Distribution of primary, secondary, and tertiary dental therapists’ practices

Note: Total differs due to missing values.
School Dental Services1043.5%Community dental clinic1
Private general practice4Community dental clinic1
Orthodontic practice5Private general practice1
Community dental clinic730.4%Community dental clinic2
Teaching institution1Community dental clinic1
Private general practice1
Hospital28.7%Dental hospital1Teaching institution1
Private general practice1Teaching institution1
Teaching institution28.7%Orthodontic practice1
Other public practice28.7%Community dental clinic1
Total public practice23100%185
Private general practice1648.5%School Dental Services1
Teaching institution1
Private general practice2
Other private practice1
Orthodontic practice1442.4%School Dental Services4
Private general practice3Private general practice1
Orthodontic practice2
Other private practice39.1%Community dental clinic1
Total private practice33100%151