Table 2

Survey responses, by number and percentage of respondents to each question

QuestionNumber (%)
How are global oral health topics presented to students?* (N=52)
 A specific independent course in global oral health6 (12%)
 Global oral health topics are presented in other courses in the curriculum43 (83%)
 Non-compulsory lectures or seminars14 (27%)
 Elective course10 (19%)
 Global oral health topics are not presented4 (8%)
 Other8 (15%)
Are overseas health experiences available for interested students? (N=51)
 Yes35 (69%)
 No16 (31%)
Are these experiences elective or mandatory? (N=35)
 Elective35 (100%)
What is the nature of overseas activities?* (N=35)
 Clinical32 (91%)
 Research10 (29%)
 Educational20 (57%)
Are pre-travel preparatory courses provided? (N=35)
 Yes15 (43%)
 No20 (57%)
Is expansion of global oral health curriculum currently being planned?* (N=51)
 Yes, didactic content in required courses13 (25%)
 Yes, experiences abroad16 (31%)
 Yes, clinical practice7 (14%)
 Yes, elective educational presentations10 (20%)
 Yes, other5 (10%)
 No30 (59%)
  • * Respondents to these questions could choose all that applied.