Table 3

Students’ report of their schools’ formal curricula on treatment of patients with limited English proficiency (LEP), by number and percentage of respondents to each question

QuestionNumber (%)
Is there formal instruction or resources available for dental students (via lectures, videos, reading material, seminars, hands-on practice) in managing LEP patients? (n=325)
 Yes204 (62.8%)
  Formal instruction and resources available86 (26.5%)
  Formal instruction only17 (5.2%)
  Resources available only101 (31.1%)
 No121 (37.2%)
What is the primary method of instruction your institution uses to educate students on management of LEP patients? (n=204)
 Written content: provide materials and other resources to peruse70 (34.3%)
 Lectures: provide educational information in class79 (38.7%)
 Hands-on: provide opportunities to practice interaction and receive feedback55 (27.0%)
About how many hours of formal instruction or training in managing LEP patients will students have had by the time they graduate from your institution? (n=204)
 Less than 2 hours98 (48.0%)
 2–4 hours44 (21.6%)
 5–6 hours18 (8.8%)
 7–8 hours20 (9.8%)
 9–10 hours8 (3.9%)
 11–12 hours5 (2.5%)
 13–14 hours4 (2.0%)
 More than 14 hours7 (3.4%)