Table 5

Students’ intention to treat patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) in the future by number and percentage of respondents (n=324)

ResponseNumber (%)
Please select the response that best matches your intention to treat LEP patients.
 I will actively seek out opportunities to provide care for LEP patients.78 (24.1%)
 I will not seek out LEP patients, but I will provide care if they come to my clinic.140 (43.2%)
 I plan to not provide care for LEP patients and would instead refer them to another provider.10 (3.1%)
 I would treat them in my practice using a phone or in-person interpreter.53 (16.4%)
 I would treat them in my practice if they brought a family member or they speak a language I also speak.43 (13.3%)
  • Note: One student did not respond to this question.