Table 1

Curriculum hours by topic in year 1 of the From Practice to Preceptor (FP2P) program

TeachingFrom Foundations to Innovation45
Total hours: 90Dental School Curricula/Classroom Technology4
Cultural Competence9
Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Course14
Student Assessment and Evaluation2
Role Play/Presentations to Peers6
ClinicalInfection Control2
Total hours: 74Clinical Competence/Student Requirements/Licensure2
Clinical Calibration44
  Treatment Planning3
  Fixed Prosthodontics7
  Removable Prosthodontics4
  Operative/Mock Board7
  Oral Medicine3
  Oral Surgery3
  Special Care4
  Pediatric Dentistry4
Orientation to Community-Based Sites7
Quality Assurance and Standards of Care2
Evidence-Based Dentistry/Research Design12
Community Service5
AdministrativeIntro to Committees/Committee Work6
Total hours: 35.5Legal and Regulatory Issues; Policies Impacting Academic and Student Affairs6
Administration and Organization9
Contemporary Issues in Dental Education: Midlevel Providers, Student Debt, Ethical Violations3
Legislation and Policies; Communicating with Organized Dentistry5
Writing Policies and Job Descriptions; Conducting Evaluations3