Table 6.

Satisfaction with the professional development support and resources at the respondent’s dental school (by percentage of total respondents)

ItemHighly Satisfied to SatisfiedAdequateDissatisfied to Highly DissatisfiedN/A
Note: Percentages may not add to 100% because of rounding.
The commitment of my department chair/division director/supervisor to help me succeed as a faculty member.57%22%18%3%
The mentoring I have received from senior faculty in my department to assist in my professional growth.42%22%25%12%
The physical environment in which I work, including my office, computer, labs, clinics, classrooms, departmental facilities, shared common space in the dental school.52%26%22%1%
The institutional resources available to support my work (clerical support, library, information technology).54%27%17%2%
Dissemination of information about upcoming professional development programs and opportunities.56%28%13%3%
Opportunities to collaborate with other faculty on teaching, research, or service.52%27%18%3%
Resources available to support research (labs, equipment, statistical support, research coordinators, technicians, clinical research facilities).36%24%25%14%
Quality of the professional development programs I have attended at this dental school.46%28%16%10%