Table 4.

Satisfaction with day-to-day activities as a dental school faculty member (by percentage of total respondents)

ItemHighly Satisfied to SatisfiedAdequateDissatisfied to Highly DissatisfiedN/A
Note: Percentages may not add to 100% because of rounding.
The overall way I spend my time as a faculty member.71%21%8%0%
The nature of my teaching assignments.75%18%5%2%
My overall teaching workload, including classrooms, labs, and clinic.62%21%14%3%
The number of students I supervise in labs and clinics.56%20%12%12%
Opportunities to work closely with students and really get to know their capabilities and needs.62%23%13%3%
The overall quality of students I teach.68%24%7%2%
The intellectual challenge associated with my teaching responsibilities.73%19%7%2%
The quality of teaching provided by my faculty colleagues.66%23%9%2%
The support and recognition for quality teaching at this school.40%27%32%1%
The extent and quality of the intramural private practice program (e.g., faculty practice).18%12%25%44%
The amount of research I am expected to do.34%23%14%29%
The type of research I am expected to do.36%22%12%30%
The amount of time I have for research.23%19%31%27%
The amount of time I have to write papers or prepare presentations for professional meetings.24%25%35%16%
The amount of time I have for service to the school, such as committee work or directing projects.32%34%23%10%
The extent and nature of interaction with my faculty colleagues.60%27%13%1%