Table 2.

Body image scores pre- and post-interceptive orthodontic treatment

Mean Score (SD)
Scores: 1=“Wish I could change” to 5=“I feel very fortunate”
*Change from pre- to post-treatment: p<.05
**Change from pre- to post-treatment: p<.01
Source: King GJ. Early orthodontic intervention under Medicaid. NIDCR Disparities Center grant #P54 DE14254, University of Washington. Report to DSMB, May 2007.
Pre-Treatment Self-Rating
    Total body image3.6 (0.7)
        Facial image3.5 (0.7)
        Facial profile3.7 (1.1)
        Teeth2.2 (1.5)
Post-Treatment Self-Rating
    Total body image3.7 (0.6)
        Facial image3.8 (0.6)*
        Facial profile3.8 (0.8)
        Teeth3.6 (1.4)**