Table 4

Participants’ perception of preparedness in faculty competencies as measured by pre- and post-program surveys

CompetenciesPretestYear 2 PosttestΔPaired t-test
  Apply educational theory in design of dental instruction2.533.671.14<0.001**
  Develop effective written test items2.213.501.29<0.001**
  Develop performance-based educational objectives2.273.531.26<0.001**
  Effectively deliver presentations to varied audiences2.673.600.930.004**
  Model an appreciation for cultural diversity3.433.710.280.104
  Serve as a mentor2.933.870.94<0.001**
  Utilize a web-based educational platform to develop online instruction1.672.731.060.001**
  Utilize item analysis (including item difficulty and reliability) in designing a class examination1.933.001.07<0.001**
  Utilize PowerPoint to prepare professional slides2.873.600.730.003**
  Utilize varied teaching methodologies and techniques, such as demonstration, case study, and podcast2.133.000.870.003**
  Apply learning theories, techniques, and materials taught to predoctoral dental students2.733.600.87<0.001**
  Apply rules and regulations regarding Medicaid billing and coding1.532.400.870.007**
  Appropriately assign patients to students based on patient needs and student capabilities2.273.401.130.002**
  Communicate with diverse populations (such as limited English proficient patients)2.473.471.00<0.001**
  Communicate with special needs and vulnerable populations2.733.330.600.120
  Comply with requirements related to OSHA, HIPAA, and infection control theories3.333.600.270.217
  Conduct quality assurance processes derived from RSDM standards of care2.133.070.940.005**
  Develop a community outreach dental program1.602.731.130.001**
  Develop clinical research1.402.531.13<0.001**
  Grade students in laboratory and clinical environments2.333.801.47<0.001**
  Operate clinical management systems such as those involving electronic records2.803.330.530.120
  Practice evidence-based dentistry2.733.470.740.01*
  Track student requirements and grading in a clinical setting2.**
  Utilize electronic searches to answer clinical questions3.003.600.600.045*
  Apply laws and university policies (FERPA, ADA, CODA) to case-based scenarios1.803.001.20<0.001**
  Apply understanding of academic/student affairs policies to case-based scenarios2.403.471.07<0.001**
  Communicate effectively with faculty and peers3.473.870.400.028*
  Communicate effectively with other health practitioners3.474.000.530.006**
  Communicate effectively with students3.474.000.530.001**
  Conduct meetings2.673.530.86<0.001**
  Conduct staff evaluations2.533.330.800.005**
  Describe major legislation impacting access to dental care1.932.800.870.007**
  Interface with professionals from other organizations, foundations, unions, etc.3.133.600.470.089
  Serve on committees2.803.530.730.010*
  Write budgets1.932.000.070.774
  Write grant proposals1.132.000.87<0.001**
  • Note: Response options were 1=not at all prepared, 2=a little prepared, 3=somewhat prepared, and 4=very prepared. Pretest and year 2 posttest scores are means.

  • * Significant at the p<0.05 level

  • ** Significant at the p<0.01 level