Table 1.

Examination marks in 2006 (no eVoting) and 2007 (using eVoting) for the Basic Biomaterials examination

Marks allocated to:Mean, 2006 (%)Mean, 2007 (%)p value
Whole examination69.9%71.6%0.44
Multiple-choice questions72.6%75.4%0.25
Short answer questions67.3%67.9%0.78
Marks allocated to:Mean, 2006 (out of 5)Mean, 2007 (out of 5)p value
Short Answer Q513.703.560.42
Short Answer Q522.243.250.00
Short Answer Q533.793.510.13
Short Answer Q562.873.150.12
Short Answer Q572.302.890.00
Short Answer Q583.362.510.00
Short Answer Q594.524.080.01
Short Answer Q604.084.170.53