Table 1.

Distribution of demographic variables and frequencies related to the sample of 286 undergraduate dental students

*Only positive answers (yes) were computed.
†Answers are not mutually exclusive.
    ≤22 years17561.2
    >22 years10837.8
Prevalence of accident
Type of accident†
    Cutaneous exposure9834.3
    Mucous membrane exposure196.6
    Percutaneous exposure8329.0
Biological material*
Frequency of accidents*
    Four or more175.9
Severity of percutaneous injury*
Individual protection equipment (IPE)†
    Long-sleeve coat19467.8
    Closed shoes27596.2
Source of incident*
    Hollow-bore needle2910.1
    Suture needle82.8
Circumstances of accident*
    When recapping the needle103.5
    Spray of biological material207.0
    Rubbish management41.4
    Management of sharp instruments7124.8
    Procedure of cleaning instruments4315.0