Table 3.

Reported use of seventeen assessment methods by 931 U.S. dental school course directors to measure students’ performance for the 2008 ADEA “Competencies for the New General Dentist”

Assessment MethodReportsPercentage
Note: Percentages do not total 100% because of rounding.
Case-based MCQ2,37516%
Context-free MCQ1,81112%
Daily evaluation in clinic1,75812%
Clinical competency examination1,62811%
Technical skill evaluation in labs (practical)1,1668%
Student self-assessment1,0217%
Oral (verbal) exam5574%
Longitudinal evaluation in clinic5374%
Research project and report5113%
Procedural unit requirements5093%
Computer-based simulation4393%
Have competency, but no assessment method3392%
Critical appraisal task (CAT)3322%
Chart-stimulated evaluation2912%
Triple jump1291%
Other assessment methods1261%