Table 1.

Criteria for scoring learning reports

Evaluation ComponentScore
Learning Issue
    Is the learning issue defined?yes/no
    Is the learning issue broad and unfocused?yes/no
    Is the rationale for the learning issue presented?yes/no
    Is a research article summarized? If so:yes/no
        Is the research question/objective defined?yes/no
        Is the study design identified?yes/no
        Is the population specified?yes/no
        Is the gross methodology identified?yes/no
        Are key results provided?yes/no
        Are secondary results provided?yes/no
        Is the significance of the results presented?yes/no
        Are limitations identified?yes/no
        What is the relative summary quality?1 to 5
        Is there evidence of reading beyond the abstract?yes/no
    How many research articles are summarized?0 or more
    Is the background summarized?yes/no
    Is the learning issue addressed?yes/no
    What is the relative background quality?1 to 5
Clinical Significance
    Is the learning issue linked to the patient problem?yes/no
    Is the chief complaint/treatment plan addressed?yes/no
    What is the relative clinical significance quality?1 to 5
    Are the references appropriate for the learning issue?yes/no
    Are peer-reviewed research articles cited?yes/no
    How many peer-reviewed research articles are cited?0 or more
    What is the relative reference quality?1 to 5
What was the course-assigned learning report grade?1 to 15