Table 2.

Attitudes of Kuwaiti (KU) and Sri Lankan (UP) dental students towards HIV/AIDS

Note: Percentages are of students who responded with “agree” to the statements. The most desirable response is given in brackets: A=agree, D=disagree.
Students with AIDS should go to special schools for those with AIDS. (D)25.511.3
I would not sit in the same armchair or desk with a person with AIDS. (D)27.38.8
People infected with HIV should be isolated in a special center. (D)40.015.6
They must be supported, treated, and helped. (A)98.292.5
Everybody must know about those with AIDS by means of national media. (D)47.350.0
I am concerned that in future we will find that AIDS can be transmitted in ways now thought to be safe. (D)58.246.9
My professional education has provided me with enough information to work safely with AIDS patients. (A)67.378.8
I am concerned that working with AIDS patients may endanger my health. (D)85.565.0
I would be willing to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an AIDS patient in respiratory arrest. (A)16.422.5
I would inform an AIDS patient’s sexual partner against the patient’s wishes (D)60.046.3
The probability of working with AIDS patients will play a role in the choice of geographic location of my residency. (D)58.221.3
I believe I have the right to refuse to treat an AIDS patient. (D)63.628.1
I would refuse to treat an AIDS patient. (D)34.511.3