Table 2

Responses to question: what would it take to enlist your teaching staff in a collaborative project in the development of an educational module about the oral cavity that focuses on the importance of oral health in ensuring overall health?

Internal ObstaclesOther Obstacles
Lack of interest among faculty; difficulty in identifying faculty interested in participating.
Curriculum committee would have to be convinced.
Lack of teaching resources.
Lack of money for buy-out of faculty time.
Lack of faculty incentives.
Absence of accreditation standards, professional requirements, or competencies related to oral- systemic science.
Lack of opportunities for interprofessional collaboration with dental schools.
Lack of evidence of outcomes of oral health interventions.
Lack of appreciation for the relevance of oral-systemic science within discipline.
Lack of opportunities for students from various non- dental health disciplines to work with dental and dental hygiene students to move the material from theory to practice.