Table 1

LSUSD alumni responses about use of VitalSource Bookshelf, by number and percentage of total respondents

Private PracticeResidency/FellowshipMilitary/Public HealthAcademicsNot Currently Employed
1. What is your current career status?72.3%3419.1%96.4%3002.1%1
2. How often do you use the Bookshelf?12.8%625.5%1261.7%29
3. Since graduation, have you found the VitalSource Bookshelf to be a useful resource?76.5%1323.5%4Only alumni who answered Often or Sometimes to #2 were directed to #3–6.
4. Do you find the Bookshelf to be more valuable now than when you were in dental school?41.2%758.8%10
5. Have you had any technical issues with the Bookshelf since graduation?41.2%758.5%10
6. Since graduation, have you purchased and downloaded any additional titles or new editions from the VitalSource Bookstore?11.8%288.2%15
7. Since graduation, have you purchased any books in hardcopy that are also available digitally via VitalSource?28.9%1371.1%32
8. Are you aware that the VitalSource Bookshelf is now available online and through iPad and iPhone applications?6.7%393.3%42
OnlineiPhoneiPadNone of the Above
9. Through which of these new modalities have you accessed the Bookshelf?6.7%3000093.3%42