Table 7

URM percentage in U.S. population, among U.S. dentists, in U.S. dental schools, and at TAMHSC-Baylor College of Dentistry

% of Population in U.S.% of Population in TX% of Dentists in U.S.% of Dentists in TX% of Students in U.S. Dental Schools 2009–10% of Students at TAMHSC Baylor College of Dentistry 2009–10
Hispanic or Latino15.8%36.9%3.4%7.0%6.3%20.6%
American Indian1.0%0.8%0.2%N/A0.6%1.5%
  • Sources: U.S. population percentages are from U.S. Census Bureau’s State and county quick facts. At: Accessed: April 20, 2011. Percentages of dentists in U.S. and Texas from American Dental Association Survey Center’s Distribution of dentists in the U.S. by region and state. Chicago: American Dental Association, 2004.