Table 1

Mean scores of student perceptions of clinical placements, scored by type of placement

All Settings (n=294)Discipline- Focused Placements (n=203)Community Placements (n=77)Rural Block Placements (n=14)
Was the placement experience appropriate to your clinical level?3.983.734.514.79
Was your supervisor approachable and supportive?4.103.834.674.86
Did your supervisor provide you with constructive feedback?3.783.564.294.21
Was there an opportunity to discuss feedback with your supervisor?3.743.484.314.43
How would you rate the learning experience at this placement venue?3.723.464.234.79
What is your overall opinion of this placement venue?3.673.43*4.19*4.64
  • * Statistically significant difference p<0.001

  • Mean calculated from responses where 1=never, 2=rarely, 3=sometimes, 4=mostly, and 5=always.

  • Mean calculated from responses where 1=very poor, 2=poor, 3=average, 4=good, and 5=excellent.