Table 3 Theme of each group in the case presentation
Group A: Communication with dementia patients
 A validation method for communicating with dementia patients
Group B: Effect of walking exercise on body and quality of life
 Body exercises for preventing the bedridden condition
Group C: Oral care for elderly patient
 Education on patient's oral care for the facility staff
Group D: Delightful life that the patient can eat sweet bean paste bread
 Tooth and denture brushing is important for eating the favorite food in the future
Group E: Let's go home
 Comparison between living at home and staying at a nursing care facility
Group F: How to eat well for long time
 Educating the facility staff about tooth brushing methods to preserve many teeth
Group G: A case of ill-fitting removable complete dentures
 Suggestion of removable denture adjustments
Group H: Increasing quality of life of elderly patients with dementia
 Dental treatment of the dementia patient who has terrible oral condition
Group I: Case report: removable denture of Ms. T.Y.
 Possibility of using removable denture for dementia patient