Table 1 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing: Standards 14.8–14.10
Standard 14.8 states:
“Evidence of validity based on test content requires a thorough and explicit definition of the content domain of interest. For selection, classification, and promotion, the characterization of the domain should be based on a job analysis” (p. 160).
Standard 14.9 states:
“When evidence of validity based on test content is a primary source of validity evidence in support of the use of a test in selection or promotion, a close link between test content and job content should be demonstrated” (p. 160).
Standard 14.10 states:
“When evidence of validity based on test content is presented, the rationale for defining and describing a specific job content domain in a particular way (e.g., in terms of tasks to be performed or knowledge, skills, abilities, or other personal characteristics) should be stated clearly” (p. 160).
  • Source: American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and National Council on Measurement in Education. Standards for educational and psychological testing. Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association, 1999.