Table 2 Information on all patients included in course
AgeGenderDegree of Care NeededMedical HistoryFood ConsistencyRemaining Tooth NumberRemovable Denture
88Female4cerebral infarction, thoracic vertebra fracture, aspiration pneumonia, asthmarice gruel, water added thickness8yes
90Female2hypertension, cardiac arrest, osteoarthritis of the hip, pneumonianormal13yes
78Male4cerebral infarction, lumbar vertebra fracture, diabetesnormal2yes
89Female3infectious spondylitis, lymphadenitis, diabetesnormal0yes
80Male1cerebral infarction, cardiac arrest, pneumonianormal32no
85Female5femoral fracture, osteoarthritis of the spine, cataract, kidney calculussoft food26no
89Female2thoracic vertebra fracture, pneumonianormal0yes
75Female4dementia, fibroid of uterusnormal7yes
92Female3hypertension, dementia, osteoporosisnormal22no
  • Note: Degree of care needed: 1=walking or standing up, are not stable and need partial help for toileting; 2=difficult to stand up or walk and need partial help for toileting; 3=cannot stand up or walk by themselves and need toileting assistance; 4=difficult to have daily life and need full assistance for toileting; 5=need to have full assistance for the daily life and difficult to communicate.