Table 2

Preparation and implementation of and feedback on the student-generated videos

Phase 1: Preparatory Phase by Faculty
  • Five short scripts were developed by faculty members addressing the learning outcomes and representing situations that might occur in a dental setup.

  • Preparation of students’ briefing manual that included students’ grouping, the scenarios, time frame of the activity, and instructions for video production.

Phase 2: Student-Generated Videos
Week1 One-hour briefing session about the activity: introduction to scenarios
IntroductionIndependent learning using online resources in the e-learning portal:
  • Briefing manual

  • Online reading materials

  • Links to video production resources

Script preparation and submission, followed by discussion of the submitted scripts
Week 2Video generation by the students.
Phase 3: Video-Watching Sessions
Week 3Three-hour sessions:
  • Generated videos were watched by the students and three faculty members.

  • Videos were discussed and evaluated by students and faculty members.

Phase 4: Students’ Perceptions of Videos
Week 3Administration of questionnaire following video-watching sessions.