Table 1

Learning objectives of the KOSE program and the student-generated videos

Learning Objectives
  1. Appreciate the importance of professional behavior in the dental clinic.

  2. Appreciate the dynamics of patient-dentist relationship.

  3. Appreciate the collaborative teamwork of a team in the practice and the implications of behavior in the delivery of oral health care.

  4. Understand role, responsibilities, and activities of a dentist in the provision of health care to the community.

  5. Understand interprofessional relationships that exist in provision of oral care.

  6. Demonstrate appropriate attitudes and ethics required for the compassionate and caring practice of dentistry.

  7. Demonstrate commitment to maintaining professional standards and obligations.

  8. Demonstrate responsible and professional behavior towards patients.

  9. Able to work cooperatively as a member of a team in the practice of dentistry.

  10. Able to recognize the physical, emotional, and social needs of patients and respond appropriately with sensitivity.