Table 3

Learning outcomes for each scenario

ScenarioLearning Outcomes
Scenario 1: Patient confides to her dentist that she is HIV-positive and is concerned about treatment refusal and cross-infection.
  1. Identify roles and responsibilities of the dentist toward the patient and patient’s rights.

  2. Understand dynamic of dentist-patient relationship.

  3. Demonstrate ability to explain to the patient about infection control in dentistry and standard precautions for infection control.

Scenario 2: A close friend who is a patient of the dentist inquires about the dental condition of another patient as he happens to know her. The friend asks both the dentist and the receptionist about this patient.
  1. Identify roles and responsibilities of the dentist and the dental team in ensuring confidentiality of patients.

  2. Appreciate the importance of separating personal and professional relations.

Scenario 3: A mother and her daughter arrive at the clinic when the dentist is about to leave. The daughter is in pain, and they cannot communicate in English.
  1. Handle appointment situations in the dental clinic.

  2. Address cultural diversity and language barriers that might be encountered during dental treatment.

Scenario 4: After taking radiographs of the patient, the dentist discovers that, due to faulty processing of films, the images are distorted and there is a need to take a new set of radiographs.
  1. Understand the importance of informing patients about problems encountered while conducting dental procedures.

  2. Identify importance of the dental team and handling the problems as a team.

  3. Identify the importance of patient’s safety.

Scenario 5: A removable prosthesis cannot be delivered due to technical problems that might arise in the future, and the patient is leaving for a conference the next day.
  1. Handle dentist-technician communication.

  2. Involve patients in decision making.

  3. Learn to admit mistakes, and demonstrate ability to handle difficult situations.