Table 1

Survey questions (English version)

  1. Do you think that the multicultural environment at dental school helps students develop understanding, tolerance, and respect for other peoples?

  2. Do you feel that your dental education adequately prepares you to understand and respect culturally diverse peoples and/or their challenges to obtaining good oral health care?

  3. Do you think it is important for dental education to teach you about cultural diversity?

  4. Do you feel that volunteerism and philanthropy are important qualities of a well-rounded and compassionate dentist?

  5. Does your dental education specifically teach you about the importance of volunteerism and philanthropy?

  6. Can you identify a program or course in your dental education curriculum that teaches you about volunteerism and philanthropy? If YES, please indicate what program: _______________________________

  7. Most dental schools include in their mission statements the basic goals to 1) educate students to serve their patients and communities well; 2) prepare students to continue to grow in skill and knowledge over their lifetime in practice; 3) include research as an integral component of the school’s mission; and 4) reaffirm that patient care is related but not subservient to the missions of education and research. Do you feel that the dental school’s mission reverberates with the additional commitment to advance global dentistry?

  8. Do you feel that the dental school adequately expresses a mission to teach students the virtues of philanthropy and volunteerism?

  9. Do you feel that UTHSC College of Dentistry adequately expresses a commitment to advance global dentistry?

  10. Do you feel it is a moral duty of U.S. dental schools to actively work to raise the level of oral health care in global communities faced with special economic and logistical barriers to seeking and obtaining basic dental treatment?

  11. Do you think it is important for dental schools to provide dental students with opportunities to participate in international exchange missions?

  12. Do you feel the dental school encourages you to seek out or provides you with opportunities to be a volunteer to help underserved communities that cannot afford dental treatment and/or do not have access to dental care?

  13. If you had a chance to participate during the school year in an international exchange program aiming to raise the standard of global dentistry and provide indigent communities worldwide with basic oral health care, would you participate?

In your opinion, would an international exchange opportunity that provides clinical rotations and field experiences in economically challenged and underserved areas of the world:
  • 14. foster the global advancement of dentistry?

  • 15. promote an appreciation for cultural and socioeconomic diversity of the communities graduates will be serving?

  • 16. teach students the virtues of philanthropy and volunteerism?

  • 17. Do you think that international exchange opportunities with other schools would enhance your dental education in ways not presently fulfilled?

  • 18. Do you think an international exchange opportunity to spend a semester at a foreign dental school would help you better understand culturally diverse peoples?

  • 19. Would an international exchange opportunity with a dental school abroad teach you about philanthropy and volunteerism?

  • 20. Are you presently involved in any domestic dental mission whose aim is charitable?

  • 21. Are you presently involved in any international dental mission whose aim is charitable?

  • 22. Do you think that an international exchange opportunity for one semester might encourage you to consider charitable dental missions in the future?

  • 23. Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior?