Table 3

Descriptive analysis of students’ perceptions for each domain tested (N=121)

Disagree/Strongly DisagreeNo OpinionAgree/Strongly Agree
Active Learning
 The use of clickers made the lectures more interactive than traditional formats.11 (9.1%)6 (5.0%)102 (84.3%)
 The use of clickers made me focus more in class.28 (23.1%)25 (20.7%)66 (54.5%)
 The use of clickers made me actively participate in the class.12 (9.9%)13 (10.7%)92 (76.0%)
 The use of clickers facilitated small-group discussion.60 (49.6%)26 (21.5%)33 (27.3%)
Improved Performance
 The use of clickers helped me improve test scores.29 (24.0%)47 (38.8%)43 (35.5%)
 Due to the use of clickers, I attend class on a more regular basis than I would otherwise.59 (48.8%)22 (18.2%)38 (31.4%)
 The use of clickers helped me master the course material.47 (38.8%)40 (33.1%)32 (26.4%)
 The review sessions utilizing clickers helped me prepare for the tests.16 (13.2%)38 (31.4%)63 (52.1%)
 Using the clicker technology heightens my interest in whatever else we do during class.36 (29.8%)44(36.4%)39 (32.2%)
 The use of clickers will help me retain information longer.44 (36.4%)39 (32.2%)36 (29.8%)
 I had a better idea of what to expect on the examinations due to the use of clickers.15 (12.4%)11 (9.1%)93 (76.9%)
 I think the clickers should be used in future semesters for this class.15 (12.4%)31 (25.6%)73 (60.3%)
 How positive is your overall use of the technology?18 (14.9%)27 (22.3%)73 (60.3%)
 The instructors used the clicker technology efficiently to enhance teaching and learning.9 (7.4%)29 (24.0%)80 (66.1%)
 The clicker technology worked well each class period.94 (77.7%)12 (9.9%)13 (10.7%)
 The clicker fee should be included in our equipment rental and fees.64 (52.9%)13 (10.7%)42 (34.7%)
 Too much class time was spent on the use of clicker technology.39 (32.2%)30 (24.8%)49 (40.5%)
 More instructors at the UMKC SOD should make use of the clicker technology.35 (28.9%)33 (27.3%)50 (41.3%)
  • Note: Numbers may not total 121 and percentages may not total 100% due to nonrespondents.