Table 1

Learning objectives for Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s course on global oral health

  1. Describe the global burden of diseases and oral diseases and conditions: prevalence, distribution, associated risk factors, and relationship between oral disease, population trends, and global disease patterns.

  2. Identify the range of global oral health research questions and issues of global research conduct and resulting policies, including ethical concerns and human rights considerations.

  3. Demonstrate oral health practitioners’ roles in interdisciplinary collaboration regarding global health policy and practice.

  4. Analyze how global oral health systems impact their respective populations, and describe the variation of those systems such as workforce, financing mechanisms, and service delivery and how they relate to the health system at large.

  5. Explain how oral health may be integrated into global disease prevention and primary care.

  6. List global oral health and related agencies and organizations, and explain their roles in global health.

  7. Demonstrate cultural competence regarding oral health services and interactions with global health systems.