Table 2

Numerical summary measures of students’ ordinal scores rating components of dental volunteering (N=30)

Volunteering ComponentMean Score Before Workshop (Mode)Mean Score After Workshop (Mode)Percent Change
A. Bringing donated supplies3.6 (4)3.3 (3)−8.3%
B. Providing hands-on emergency clinical care4.4 (5)3.8 (4)−13.6%
C. Seeing as many patients as possible3.9 (5)3.5 (3)−10.2%
D. Providing oral health education4.8 (5)4.4 (5)−8.3%
E. Providing preventive measures such as fluoride4.7 (5)4.4 (5)−6.3%
F. Working with the local government3.9 (4)4.7 (5)+20.5%
G. Participating long term (more than a few weeks)4.1 (5)4.4 (5)+7.3%
H. Volunteering with a well-established organization3.7 (3)4.0 (5)+8.1%
I. Learning all about the community, including local customs and culture4.0 (5)4.7 (5)+17.5%
  • Note: Scores were on scale of 1=not important, 2=somewhat important, 3=important, 4=very important, and 5=extremely important.