Table 3

Common oral health problems in ASEAN

Oral Health ProblemMean Score
1. Dental caries3.78
2. Periodontal diseases3.56
3. Pulpal and periapical diseases3.44
4. Tooth loss/missing3.33
5. Oral and maxillofacial surgery problems3.33
6. Diseases or abnormalities of oral mucosa3.00
7. Diseases or abnormalities of the masticatory system; oral and facial pain3.00
8. Tooth surface loss and sensitivity2.89
9. Abnormal growth and development of skulls, facial bones, and jaws2.89
10. Systemic-related oral and maxillofacial diseases2.89
  • Note: Scores were on rating scale of 4=very important, 3=important, 2=less important, and 1=not important. These common oral health problems were agreed upon and rated for importance by representatives of the Dental Councils of ASEAN member states.