Table 1

Participating sites with trainee population, educational interventions, patient population, and total clinical training hours at each site

SiteTrainee PopulationEducation InterventionClinical Training Patient PopulationTotal Clinical Training Hours
Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine4th year dental studentsReview three CDs on oral health management of HIV-positive patients; shadow an infectious disease specialist once; public health project on needs of patients with HIVMix of HIV-positive and other vulnerable populations320
Columbia University College of Dental MedicinePredoctoral students (years 1–4) and 1st and 2nd year AEGD residentsAll-school forum for predoctoral and postdoctoral students and faculty members; didactic lecture series on oral health management and treatment of PLWHA with a cultural competence component for postdoctoral students; direct services to PLWHA by engaging AEGD fellows in dental clinic at Harlem United; reflections sessions for residentsHIV-positive patients384
Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine3rd year dental students at school clinic and 4th year for extramural rotationDirect clinical experience with a combination of the following: medical history review, informal lunch and learn, lecture, and permanent whiteboardHIV-positive patients45 and 300
University of Louisville School of DentistryDental and dental hygiene students and general practice residentsDidactic courses on infection control; microbiology, biochemistry, and physiology; general pathology and oral pathology; cultural competence day; resident training and Williams Scholar rotationHIV-positive patients126
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers School of Dental Medicine)4th year dental studentsDental education lecture series with courses with cultural competence component; courses include substance abuse and the HIV patient; HIV politics, gender, and religion: a global view; 30 years of research and the Berlin patient; HIV in persons over 50; HIV and oral medicine: case reports; and update on HIV medicationsMix of HIV-positive patients and other vulnerable populations75 and 1,200
  • Health Resources and Services Administration. Dental partnerships: Ryan White HIV/AIDS program community-based dental partnership program. Rockville, MD: Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau, 2008.