Table 1

Pedagogies used to address stress management, suicide prevention, addiction, and substance abuse in University of British Columbia PACS module

Stress Management and Suicide Prevention
Pre-readingSelf-learningStress-related suicide; coping by male and female dentists
1:00–1:50 pmGuest lecture; in-class discussion (facilitated)Stress management and quality of life
1:50–2:00 pmBreak
2:00–2:15 pmVideo presentationSuicide testimonials
2:15–3:45 pmIn-class discussion (facilitated)Myths and truths about suicide; stress management
3:45–4:00 pmSelf-reflectionReflect on suggested questions about the session’s content
Addiction and Substance Abuse
1:00–1:10 pmStandardized patients’ role-playEthical scenarios
1:10–1:20 pmSmall-group discussionDebrief about role-play experience and ethical content
4:00–4:15 pmSelf-reflectionReflect on suggested questions about standardized patients, role-play, and ethical scenario
  • A complete description of pedagogies used to discuss addiction and substance abuse in dentistry can be found in Brondani MA, Pattanaporn K. Integrating issues of substance abuse and addiction into the predoctoral dental curriculum. J Dent Educ 2012;77(9):1108–17.

  • Seven scenarios occur between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, one of which is Dr. Gleason’s; see Brondani MA, Rossoff LP. The “hot seat” experience: a multifaceted approach to the teaching of ethics in a dental curriculum. J Dent Educ 2010;74(11):1220–9.