Table 2

Nursing students’ perceptions of their own oral health before and after rotation in the pediatric dental clinic

Perceptions of Own Oral HealthBefore Rotation Mean (SD)After Rotation Mean (SD)p
How would you describe the health of your teeth and gums?a3.85 (0.755)3.82 (0.683)0.768
How often do you brush your teeth?b4.70 (0.585)4.82 (0.392)0.044
How often do you floss your teeth?b2.97 (0.984)3.06 (0.998)0.374
How old were you when you saw a dentist for the first time?3.68 (2.589)3.14 (2.642)0.036
Did you see a dentist during the last year? % Yes79%79%
Think about how you feel about going to the dentist:
Number of dental procedures:
 Extractions1.28 (2.374)1.07 (2.404)0.375
 Fillings2.41 (2.500)2.63 (2.691)0.161
 Root canals0.31 (0.592)0.28 (0.523)0.325
 Crowns0.36 (0.859)0.42 (0.867)0.423
Do you have dental pain right now? % Yes7%7%
Do you have untreated dental disease? % Yes00
  • a Response options were 1=poor, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent.

  • b Response options were 1=never, 2=rarely, 3=nearly every day, 4=every day, 5=more than once a day.