Table 3

Comparison of results of undergraduate students and dental students on question 1

% Who Used Strategy% Who Ranked Strategy #1
Study StrategyUndergraduatesDental StudentsUndergraduatesDental Students
1. Rereading notes or textbooks83.6%83.3%54.8%43.9%
2. Practicing problems42.9%43.9%12.4%7.6%
3. Using flash cards40.1%9.1%6.2%1.5%
4. Rewriting notes29.9%48.5%12.4%19.7%
5. Studying in groups26.5%37.9%0.5%3%
6. Memorizing18.6%71.2%5.6%4.5%
7. Teaching021.2%01.5%
8. Using mnemonic devices13.5%25.8%2.8%0
9. Making outlines12.9%39.4%3.9%12.1%
10.Practicing recall techniques (self-testing)10.7%45.5%1.1%0
11. Highlighting important points6.2%54.5%1.6%3%
12. Thinking of real-life examples4.5%25.8%0.5%3%
  • Note: Participants in the reported studies were 177 undergraduate students at Washington University in St. Louis (Karpicke et al. study) and 66 second-year dental students at New York University.