Table 1

Percentages and numbers of dental students who reported using each study strategy and ranking it as #1 (n=66)

Use StrategyRanked It As #1 Strategy
Study StrategyPercentageNumberPercentageNumberMean Rank
1. Rereading notes or textbooks83.3%5543.9%291.9
2. Practicing problems43.9%297.6%53.2
3. Using flash cards9.1%61.5%13.3
4. Rewriting notes48.5%3219.7%132.3
5. Studying in groups37.9%253.0%22.9
6. Memorizing71.2%474.5%33.3
7. Teaching21.2%141.5%13.6
8. Using mnemonic devices (patterns of letters, ideas, or associations that assist in remembering something)25.8%17003.6
9. Making outlines39.4%2612.1%82.7
10. Practicing recall (self-testing)45.5%30003.9
11. Highlighting important points54.5%363.0%22.9
12. Thinking of real-life examples25.8%173.0%23.5