Table 3

HSDM students’ highest ranking of the nine dental specialties on four measures, plus the ranking of prosthodontics for each

Classes of 2007–11Classes of 2012–16
MeasureClasses of 2007–11Classes of 2012–16Prosthodontics Rank
SalaryOral and maxillofacial surgeryOral and maxillofacial surgery4th5th
Dentist’s quality of lifeOrthodontics and dentofacial orthopedicsOrthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics5th5th
Patient’s quality of lifeOrthodontics and dentofacial orthopedicsOral and maxillofacial surgery5th2nd
Impact on patient’s overall careOral and maxillofacial surgeryGeneral dentistry5th5th