Table 2

Strategies suggested by Survey II respondents to facilitate implementation of evidence-based dentistry (EBD) (N=20)

StrategyNumber of CommentsExample
Increasing EBD education and dissemination9“Building academic and continuing education curricula based on EBD.”
Improving quality and accessibility of evidence6“Free and public access to EBD sites.”
Improving quality and availability of EBD tools4“Every Canadian specialty should produce guidelines and keep them up-to-date.”
Keeping updated with technology use3“In practices it would be easier to have an application or software that is based on evidence that can tell all the available options by filling the medical and dental examination of the patient.”
Encouraging dentists to be more open to changes1“If we see each other as a team member and not as competitor, we can share knowledge in a more timely manner through any media.”
Removing financial barriers1“Elimination of the commercialization of dentistry. Treating people like patients, not customers.”
  • Note: Each respondent could make multiple comments regarding strategies.