Table 2

Grading rubric for first-year Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) summary assignment

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Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) Grading Rubric
The CAT is a structured one- to two-page summary and critique of the best available evidence on a focused question.
DimensionDefinition of DimensionCommentsScore
Clinical question (PICO)Concise, relevant clinical question. PICO is developed that can drive an efficient search./5
Search strategy for evidenceAppropriate databases, keywords, and limits are combined logically to identify best evidence. Include all searches for evidence listed below./5
Best evidence selected (minimum of 2 articles; no more than 5)Using critical appraisal skills, team identifies 2–5 articles to best answer the clinical question. Correct Vancouver citation followed by study type and level./5
Key results synthesizedA concise, accurate amalgamation and summary of the selected evidence. (One summary of all evidence.)/5
Clinical bottom lineDevelops a one- to two-sentence summary of the findings targeted at a clinician./5
Comments on quality of evidenceEvaluates the quality of evidence available at this point in time to answer the question/s./10
Reflection on acquired skillsReflect on how this activity helped in development of your knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for meeting Competency#4 (apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to provide evidence-based patient-centered care)./5
Possible points: 40 points (30% of your final grade)
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