Table 1

Survey II respondents’ rating of barriers to implementation of evidence-based dentistry (N=20)

Difficulties in keeping up-to-date due to fast-changing insights in the field of dentistry.2.8933
Lack of up-to-date evidence for many devices and products.3.7934
Complexity of the dental field regarding treatment choices.3.5854
Difficulties in interpreting research results due to academic language.2.4222
Contradictory information in scientific literature.3.5344
Lack of familiarity with searching for relevant information.2.6322
Lack of clear answers to clinical questions.3.5833
Very expensive academic journals.2.6812
No time to implement new evidence-based approaches.3.113*3
Lack of information exchange between practitioners and academics.3.4744
Sole reliance on peer advice for problems.3.322*3
Continuing dental education courses not up-to-date with respect to evidence.3.7454
  • Note: Responses were on a five-point scale from 1=no problem to 5=big problem.

  • ↵* Multiple modes existed; the smallest value is shown.