Table 5

Examples of students’ comments by theme

Theme 1: Teamwork
“We are like a little family. We know each other.”
“We make sure everyone is okay.”
“How productive we can actually be working as a team, and how fluid and adaptable the TCC is to new and unexpected situations.”
“Team makes you more willing to throw in a prophy; things just happen when you are in a group session, and you can double book.”
“All team members including the assistant help turn over the cubicle, seat patients, update records, blood pressure. You couldn’t do 4 patients a day for dental students without the team being onboard.”
Theme 2: Shared Achievement
“There were no specific roles. We took our roles from what we were doing that day, our procedures.”
“We enjoy getting more done and being efficient with our time.”
“In TCC, if you get done early then you take on more patients; in traditional clinic if you get done early you just leave.”
“The sheer quantity of encounters boosted our respective skill levels and a lot of learning happened between us.”
“Enjoyed, less stressed, and felt supported in TCC than in my [CCC] group.”
“Team-based care is good for production; if you want to ramp up your revenue, this is a good way to do it.”
Theme 3: Patient-Centered Care
“Team-based care was more patient-centered because it allowed us to provide more care in one visit.” As a result, “Fewer patient visits to the clinic and more efficient use of their time.”
“Usually the patient in the chair has met everyone in TCC.” “Never had patient leave unhappy.”
“Patients received continuous care between providers.” “The patients liked seeing familiar faces; it really helps the patient feel comfortable.”
“Patients liked to be part of the decision making process of the treatment.”
“Two minds think better than one; more things get caught. We are all on the same page.”
“Due to the efficiency and collaboration of the team, entire treatment plans could be completed.”
“TCC was able to see many last minute or emergency patients and served them well.”
Theme 4: Mutual Respect and Trust
“I don’t think we [dental students] were really leading. We were all just in it.”
“Working cross-professionally helped each person fully understand the scope of practice of their team and to better leverage their own scope.”
”By giving me the ability to embrace situational leadership to optimize the skills of each team member, TCC has made me feel ready to graduate. Our experience in the TCC will influence how we will practice as future professionals.”
“When I look for hygienists/therapists to go into practice, I would want them to be like these guys because I feel like I can trust them if I need to ask them a question.”